In the WeWork Pitch Deck Series D, they show projected growth in big numbers. They used the power of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to really bring the message home to investors.

Original pitch deck:

By providing big-name services to their members through an affiliate scheme, they were able to add the logos of all these companies in their company deck and show who they were already working with.

Not only did they get tons of funding with this pitch deck, they’re now one of the biggest coworking space providers in the world. They knew the potential of WeWork and were definitely not afraid to show it.

Key Takeaway: If you know your idea has the potential to be huge, show it. WeWork knew they had a sound business plan that was bound to grow with the right amount of support. They didn’t take any shortcuts and used visual charts to show huge projections and big plans.

Here’s a business pitch template inspired by WeWork to get you started.