Previously known as Matchbox, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world.

While Tinder’s pitch deck below is not officially connected to any funding round, the app managed to raise over $50 million in just three rounds.

Original pitch deck:

So, what is it about this that makes it such a great pitch deck inspiration?

First, they do an excellent job of communicating the problem with a short (but relatable) story. Then, instead of talking about the solution, they show it within their app.

The next few slides dive deeper into the app’s functionality — how it works and what value it provides. By using step-by-step screenshots, they let their app do the talking.

Finally, the pitch deck summarizes additional features being developed and the revenue opportunity, or how they plan to make money, in two short slides.

Key Takeaway: Using storytelling to explain a problem can make it relatable and easier to understand. A good pitch deck puts investors in the customers’ shoes, which naturally makes them more intrigued to learn about the solution.

Another lesson to be learned here is to use your product’s functionality to explain the solution. Tinder does a great job of showing instead of telling with step-by-step screenshots of how users will navigate through the app to fulfill their needs.