Dropbox is one of the pioneers of cloud storage as we know it today, and their pitch deck from 2007 was all about revolutionizing the way people stored and shared important data.

The company has raised around $1.7 billion in funding and is backed by popular investors like JP Morgan and Sequoia Capital.

Original pitch deck:

What makes Dropbox’s pitch deck stand out among others is how it addresses the “why” behind the entire idea of cloud storage.

As you go through the slides, you’ll notice how each section focuses on how Dropbox’s solution will benefit users and the society as a whole by changing the way people work with files.

This slide deck inspiration also dives into the details of why investing in the company is a good idea at that particular time, making a strong case for securing the funding they need.

Key Takeaway: Draw a comparison with your competitors to show how your product is better. Focus on the features, but then follow up with benefits to explain why those features are worth investing in.

It’s also a good idea to explain why the timing is ideal for launching your product or company. Dropbox does this well by highlighting trends that are relevant to their target audience, such as the increased use of digital devices and more distributed/remote teams.